Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Holiday Snaps! - Photography 8

Back from a week away, eaten so much food and too much alcohol consumed in one week. But it was a brilliant weekend. Such a lovely place, so peaceful and chilled out way too much. We was in a villa  in Andalusia - Spain and it was literally in the middle of no where!!! 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Getting ready for the holiday - Bikini Ready?

Am i bikini ready? Good question…….. I’m as good as i can be for myself. 

I feel more comfortable with my recent physic than I have done before. I think the thing of for me at the moment is, everyone can react to different things and it seems for me when I am stressed or anxious it all sits within my stomach and i bloat a lot. Something that I will be working on, I have been drinking peppermint tea to see if it improves. Also I have to think, I’m not in bikini prep, I’m not going on any competition so what’s my worry!?! I’m going on holiday to relax and enjoy myself!

On a night I have a mini workout routine whilst I am at home.
Monday was leg day (first one in a couple of weeks), I was in the gym but as my knees are knackered I had to avoid weighted squats and too much pressure on my knees. I think its lunges that hurt my knees a lot, but I like that exercise! So I don’t think I can avoid it!!

Monday night:
2 x 30 Air Squats
3 x 10 each side Donkey Kicks with resistant bands
3 x 10 each side, Side Kicks stood up with resistant bands
Jumping Side Steps with Stepper, until failure x 2
20 Mins of cardio on the Bike

Abs at home
Mountain Climbers until failure
2 x 10 Crunches
2 x 10 Knee Crunches (knees raised in the air)
2 x 10 V Sit ups
2 x 10 leg raises

Circuit training
Bench Press 4x10
Front raises with plate 4x10
Bicep curls 4x10

Friday rest ready for Saturday

I have set myself a mini challenge which I think it’s good to keep you on target and make it more motivating for yourself, with having one big goal, it’s easy to slip off and make it not as interesting. Like I challenge myself to do 10K steps, my next one is to drink more water! At the moment my aim is to drink 4 – 600ml of water (4 pints)

Might sound easy to some and not as easy to others……. Challenge yourself for you not for others.

Question do you have any challenges? 

Monday, 6 June 2016

More Opportunities have arrived! Photography - New Learnings

So i realised i haven't made a post for over than a week! Oops, BUT there is a reason for that...... Photography has taken over!! I have since been to three events and it’s been crazy!! I love it!!

To me one of the best feelings is that people are starting to buy my photos! I can’t get over the fact of people are wanting to buy my work. This is my biggest passion and I am so happy that I have pushed myself to show my work.

Currently this is still a hobby for me but i want to be able to do this as a full time career, my other half said something to me the other day and it stuck with me if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life  this is my goal. Going to these events didn’t feel like ‘working’ it, it was fun, it was a new experience for me.
I knew nothing about horses and working with a colleague that has horses and goes to a lot of events, I have defiantly learnt a lot from her! One thing that I thought was good to know is how people like to see shots, one lady said ‘whatever you do, you need to get a shot of if I fall! When do you get a chance to see how you look when you fall! Other photographers don’t take the photos’…… Luckily she didn’t fall.

Now counting the days till my holiday, 6 days left! It has been a few years since I have been on a plane and it’s about time because I am defiantly overdue, with all the stress and everything going pn.

I have tried (and not succeeded) to keep a diet following up from Bodypower,  the past three week my knees have been in so much pain, i didn’t know why as it came on overnight. I started taking glucosamine sulphate again because I stopped taking these (it was basically because I forgot to buy some more!!) starting taking these again and laid off training, as I was out and on the laptop a lot, I didn’t have the time to train as such, it probably came at the right time so I could take the time to do my photos. Only thing is now, I have 5 days to get bikini ready…….. I’m better just starting for my next holiday ha!