Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Ways that help me with Negativity and Depression

People have bad days, bad days can get into bad weeks, i know some find it easier to get over situations than others, i feel that people find ways to cope more than others, i have found a few things that have helped me out over the years and i wanted to share them in this post.

I always felt like i should have coped with things on my own, not listening to anyone and trying to figure things out on my own. We know it never can work out like that, thing can build up over time and it can be an outburst of all emotions at the same time. Speaking to someone can help you, even if it’s just a listening ear or they can guide you in a better way. It’s not a sign of weakness speaking to someone, family and friends can help more than you think.

Ways i have helped myself over the time to make my days better,

I have been addicted to listening to music ever since i was young. For me it has been a get away from everything. Headphones go on and i zone out, music is loud to the point of where i can't hear anything else. (i know.... it’s bad for my hearing but i love it) i was the one that had so many songs on my iPod and now I'm on Spotify i can listen to all sorts.

Go Outside, Gym, Active
I think fresh air always makes me feel better, i don't know what it is but i love been outdoors. I find sometimes been outdoors gives you a clearer head, maybe not all the time but it’s good to get out in the open. I recently went to Bolton Abbey and it was absolutely beautiful!
The reason I enjoy the gym so much is because I can use all my energy, not into arguing and not upsetting myself but lifting weights and running on the treadmill. There was one time when I felt so low, I ran as fast as I could on the treadmill with headphones on full blast to the point of struggling to breathe, I came off crying (luckily we have our own gym) because of how I felt…… and because I didn’t have any water (emotions were very high that day), work load was so heavy at the time I couldn’t handle everything at the same time, but after running I did feel better.

Ignore the negative comments
I know easier said than done, through school I didn’t know how to manage them emotions it was very hard. Over time you see it doesn’t just happen to you. I still get the negative comments even from family members, it can be as little as ‘why are you always posting fitness pictures, why do you do that all the time‘……. Don’t like it? Don’t have to follow me. It’s something I like to do which is why I show my passion, but doesn’t mean I have to answer them, half of the time I will laugh and shrug my shoulders or I have a habit of given sarcastic answers/comments back which I don’t think is always the best idea.

Stop mind reading and overthinking
The amount of times i have gone home with a headache/migraine with been stressed about work or thinking about something that was once said has probably been weekly, if not daily.
How I think about it is, I had an interview a couple of months ago and it was horrendous, I came out of it crying because I knew how poor I did(Lucky I didn’t cry when I was in the room). I worked myself up because I was becoming more nervous and the pressure built up. This was because I got into my head that I needed this job there was no other choice about it. It was my first interview for a management role with having little experience in my role. Yeah I was gutted knowing I didn’t get it but someone said to me….’ You got to the second interview, that’s really good… Your time isn’t now, it’s coming but it just isn’t right now’ when you think of it like that it does put you at ease a little.

Which brings me on to thinking negatively,
I am one of these people that will always have something negative to say before something positive about myself, I should have looked at that interview and said to myself ‘try again, it will be better next time’, instead I was thinking ‘its end of the world, my life is rubbish, I needed that role!’
I know this one will be hard for me but it is one of my personal targets for the rest of this year, think positive before the negative.

I’m not saying I’m an expert or in therapy but I have been there, I have breaking points, something’s I do want to work on as I get older. I have high emotions but I see it as passion and I don’t cry because I’m just upset or because I’m a female, it’s because I have been frustrated. I thought of an idea to help I changed my Lock Screen on my iPhone,