Friday, 20 May 2016

Purchases from Bodypower

Why is it when you get new clothes you, you need to put them on all at the same time. Well, yes that was me the day after Bodypower. I needed to wear all gym clothing! Ha, the past year, i have fallen more in love with gym wear than ever. they are so comfortable! Which is why my wardrobe is starting to become more gym clothing, it will be at a point soon with more clothing than work wear!!

I didn't realise until i got home that i didn't by any colour! But anyway these are my purchases!!!

There has been countless times where i have tried on cropped tops and there just too short for me! I must have a longer body, because i just needed the cropped top just lower..... Some of them just looked like sport bras, so when i saw this i thought i would love to buy the top even if it is short on me. But soon as i put it on, i fell in love with it. Its the length i want in a crop top, it looks so good with high waisted leggings.

I checked Instagram for the new Gymshark leggings and it looks like that aren't release until 26th May! But i can tell you now to get them purchased because i love these!! I love the style of the print all up the leg, always been a fan of that style! I love the extra detail in the inner waist band!