Sunday, 1 May 2016

Opportunity to do what i love! Photography 6

I had a friend ask me to go to her dressage competition and take photos of the event for her. This was my first time taking photos of people for an event and i loved it!

I mean this is the first opportunity to take photos of people and i couldn't be more happier of how the photos turned out! It wasn't so much a warm day as i thought it would have been so i had to wrap up!

I haven't done sport photos before so it wasn't as easy as i thought to sort my settings out on my camera, also it was indoor and there was panels that let light in but when taking photos the light was really bright. Everything in that day was a first for me! She shown me the ropes on how the contestants were scored, what their routine is and what they should wear and shouldn't wear. The routine was going to certain points in the box with different techniques, i was fascinated with not seeing this before!

One thing i could not for the life in me get over the fact that people wanted to buy my photos...... my photos. I went there with the idea of gaining experience and not people buying my photos and then i came home to people messaging me over Facebook. I have never been so happy with my own work until the day i put these on Facebook. 

After the event it made me realise how much i loved taking photos and going somewhere i wouldn't thought of going. Going through the photos yeah i had some blurry ones but i was taking photos of moving horses! I had some really good shots, I changed some of the exposure on Lightroom as some of the photos were just too light but they turned out really good!

Lovely day, really enjoyed it!