Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Favourite workout routine for March!!!

At this moment in time i am currently drinking a big pot of peppermint tea whilst cooking my chicken for the next few days.... Multi-task - i can do sometimes..... only sometimes

So as a favourites post i have chosen favourite workout for March!!

***Drum roll***

And for March i have gone with Shoulders!

Shoulders is one i have only recently started enjoying, it’s always been leg days for me but i think i overdo it on leg day and i knacker my knee, so i like to mix it up with shoulders.
I always like start my workout with a Spotify playlist on loud to start the warm up....

I start with external rotation cuff using a resistant loop bands, I hook the band to one of the bikes handle, having my arm down, elbow close to my waist/hip and moving my arm outwards - 2x10

Then i go in with a shoulder press up with 2.5kg weights for a set and then for 3 sets i use 5kg dumbbells.

Shoulder raises - front raise superset with side raise, i like to use 2.5kg weights and then use 5kg weights after each set I try to go back with the 2.5kg to feel the burn!

Arnie Press – I feel this is a good one but it burns straight away! I usually try these till failure. Using 5kg dumbbells, start close to your upper chest with arms down and palms facing towards you. Push your arms upwards into a shoulder press, turning your hands before you get to the top.

Face pulls – I use the multi gym but I also like to use a resistant band, pulling the cable/band towards your face with you elbows outwards.

With adding shoulder in to my weekly workout routine, I have seen a difference within my arms and shoulders. As it is still cold-ish here in the UK I am wearing a hoodie for when I work out, some of these movements, I feel so much of a burn and I am like ‘ I must have some definition going on…….’ nope not quite yet although…..  I have started to feel it a lot more lately, hoping on my weekly progress pictures that it will be noticeable …

We shall see…