Thursday, 12 May 2016

BodyPower - Ready for tomorrow

It has finally come to that time of year again! Bodypower is back tomorrow!

Reminisce of last year’s Bodypower, it was our first year so we didn’t know what to expect, it was pretty much a new experience for us. This year we have prepped – well sort of! I have tried my hardest (with a big plate of stress on the side) with my own 6 week meal plan and keeping the fitness up.  I have to say it wasn’t easy at all, I think when other things distract you or having a really bad week at work. I was gutted that I wasn’t as strict as I could have been with myself. But I am thinking of continuing the progress as I have a holiday in a month and I would like to be ready for that! Next challenge Bikini Ready Prep….. Feels so much better when you can name it ha!

Saturday will be my last day of this April EXTENDED Fitness long month…… this will be my day of final photos, to see the progression, I am happy that there has been little progress, people have notices a difference which is really good! And I have noticed from my week 1 photo.

I am excited to see what is there this year as I have been checking Twitter and Instagram for info. There is more American brands that are coming this year, I would like to see what Alphalete and Live Fit bring, it's just such a motivating atmosphere, I enjoyed it so much last year and i can't wait for tomorrow....

I have added some of the photos from last year...