Saturday, 14 May 2016

2016 Bodypower - Was Awesome!!!

Bodypower Day finally arrived........ It was such a good day! My feet were killing afterwards..... and after checking on my Fitbit i did over 7500 steps whilst i was there, so that was a winner (should have done a few more laps to reach 10K) After stood up waiting and walking around, my feet were hurting a lot..... but i loved the day, so good to see so many people and fitness brands, after coming out you feel so hype and motivated, if i wasn't so tired afterwards i think i would have gone in the gym. But as soon as we got home, we had something to eat and soon as i put my head on the pillow i was gone ha.......

I didn't get a chance last year to meet Lainey with GymShark, the queues were so big so i said this year i had to meet her, she is such a lovely person, i love watching her cooking ideas, i've watched her since she was on Lex's YouTube. So down to earth and a beautiful lady. I would love to have the chance to train with her!

I was soon happy to actually meet Heidi Somers, she is such an inspirational women, she motivates so many people and i love that about her. I have watched her videos for a few years and i try to attempt her workouts, then when she say's for a warm up start with 100 squats !! Man, after that i was done with the workout but i do push myself. But i was so happy to actually meet her and had a chance to speak with her.