Thursday, 26 May 2016

Get Outdoors! Bolton Abbey Walk - Photography 7

First time going to Bolton Abbey and i absolutely loved it. its such a gorgeous place. I'm glad i took the camera, eery photo turned out so well and so bright with all the greenery. 
We got to a point where there is a cafe probably 45 mins into walk and we got drench with the rain. It was funny but we was soaked!

I also managed to get 10K steps on my Fitbit!! thats probably easy for most but i have an office job, i am sat down for most of the day so it is hard to get my steps in.

Check them out.....

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Ways that help me with Negativity and Depression

People have bad days, bad days can get into bad weeks, i know some find it easier to get over situations than others, i feel that people find ways to cope more than others, i have found a few things that have helped me out over the years and i wanted to share them in this post.

I always felt like i should have coped with things on my own, not listening to anyone and trying to figure things out on my own. We know it never can work out like that, thing can build up over time and it can be an outburst of all emotions at the same time. Speaking to someone can help you, even if it’s just a listening ear or they can guide you in a better way. It’s not a sign of weakness speaking to someone, family and friends can help more than you think.

Ways i have helped myself over the time to make my days better,

I have been addicted to listening to music ever since i was young. For me it has been a get away from everything. Headphones go on and i zone out, music is loud to the point of where i can't hear anything else. (i know.... it’s bad for my hearing but i love it) i was the one that had so many songs on my iPod and now I'm on Spotify i can listen to all sorts.

Go Outside, Gym, Active
I think fresh air always makes me feel better, i don't know what it is but i love been outdoors. I find sometimes been outdoors gives you a clearer head, maybe not all the time but it’s good to get out in the open. I recently went to Bolton Abbey and it was absolutely beautiful!
The reason I enjoy the gym so much is because I can use all my energy, not into arguing and not upsetting myself but lifting weights and running on the treadmill. There was one time when I felt so low, I ran as fast as I could on the treadmill with headphones on full blast to the point of struggling to breathe, I came off crying (luckily we have our own gym) because of how I felt…… and because I didn’t have any water (emotions were very high that day), work load was so heavy at the time I couldn’t handle everything at the same time, but after running I did feel better.

Ignore the negative comments
I know easier said than done, through school I didn’t know how to manage them emotions it was very hard. Over time you see it doesn’t just happen to you. I still get the negative comments even from family members, it can be as little as ‘why are you always posting fitness pictures, why do you do that all the time‘……. Don’t like it? Don’t have to follow me. It’s something I like to do which is why I show my passion, but doesn’t mean I have to answer them, half of the time I will laugh and shrug my shoulders or I have a habit of given sarcastic answers/comments back which I don’t think is always the best idea.

Stop mind reading and overthinking
The amount of times i have gone home with a headache/migraine with been stressed about work or thinking about something that was once said has probably been weekly, if not daily.
How I think about it is, I had an interview a couple of months ago and it was horrendous, I came out of it crying because I knew how poor I did(Lucky I didn’t cry when I was in the room). I worked myself up because I was becoming more nervous and the pressure built up. This was because I got into my head that I needed this job there was no other choice about it. It was my first interview for a management role with having little experience in my role. Yeah I was gutted knowing I didn’t get it but someone said to me….’ You got to the second interview, that’s really good… Your time isn’t now, it’s coming but it just isn’t right now’ when you think of it like that it does put you at ease a little.

Which brings me on to thinking negatively,
I am one of these people that will always have something negative to say before something positive about myself, I should have looked at that interview and said to myself ‘try again, it will be better next time’, instead I was thinking ‘its end of the world, my life is rubbish, I needed that role!’
I know this one will be hard for me but it is one of my personal targets for the rest of this year, think positive before the negative.

I’m not saying I’m an expert or in therapy but I have been there, I have breaking points, something’s I do want to work on as I get older. I have high emotions but I see it as passion and I don’t cry because I’m just upset or because I’m a female, it’s because I have been frustrated. I thought of an idea to help I changed my Lock Screen on my iPhone, 

Friday, 20 May 2016

Purchases from Bodypower

Why is it when you get new clothes you, you need to put them on all at the same time. Well, yes that was me the day after Bodypower. I needed to wear all gym clothing! Ha, the past year, i have fallen more in love with gym wear than ever. they are so comfortable! Which is why my wardrobe is starting to become more gym clothing, it will be at a point soon with more clothing than work wear!!

I didn't realise until i got home that i didn't by any colour! But anyway these are my purchases!!!

There has been countless times where i have tried on cropped tops and there just too short for me! I must have a longer body, because i just needed the cropped top just lower..... Some of them just looked like sport bras, so when i saw this i thought i would love to buy the top even if it is short on me. But soon as i put it on, i fell in love with it. Its the length i want in a crop top, it looks so good with high waisted leggings.

I checked Instagram for the new Gymshark leggings and it looks like that aren't release until 26th May! But i can tell you now to get them purchased because i love these!! I love the style of the print all up the leg, always been a fan of that style! I love the extra detail in the inner waist band!

Monday, 16 May 2016

Negativity, Stressed, Depressed.... Trying to overcome this myself...

I feel I'm always around negativity and in negative situations and when i try to run away from it, it always comes back to bite me. I know at most times i am my worst enemy.

There have been moments when people have put me down and made me feel really crap about myself but i have to think you are always going to be around it, there is no way of getting away from it, people thrive off this, they love to make other people feel poorly about themselves.

I grew up with the poor comments throughout school and then to come into a work area were words are been said from higher management, this is what makes me think, people love to put others down for them to get to the top. I haven't found it any easier growing up but i have tried to shut it off more than i did. At this moment in time, i have felt that it has been difficult for me to forget comments and how I'm meant to continue in the work environment. It puts you down a lot, the confidence i had built last year has dropped a great deal. When the confidence goes, things annoy you more and irritate you. Comments that have been made, stick with you and finding it harder to let go and makes you feel so low about yourself.

Which when i think about it, i got engaged January this year, i should be the happiest girl in the world... Right? Of course i am, things can get to you to the point where you become your lowest....

I want to have that positive energy, that doesn't care what people say and don't show my feelings....... manage your emotions better.... i hear this comment too many times these past couple of months. It hasn't been emotions, i have put so much passion into areas to then see it all fall at my feet. I don't want be in that place any more, i don't think its fair on other people and family members seeing how i've been, they get the stick of it and thats not how it should be.

Music has always been my answer, it has helped me throughout many situations, no it didn't solve things but it has always been a way to relieve stress and even anxiety, it has always helped me not think about things going on,  my mind wonders on something else. I laugh at myself sometime because i like to jump in the car and drive, but i put my music on really loud..... Not to look like the cool kids cruising around... But to make me think about something else. I feel i need to sound proof my car ha! 

This is my time of letting go, its time for change, i want to strive to become a better person, it isn't going to happen overnight, but this is something i want to work on for myself, give myself time to figure out who i am......

Saturday, 14 May 2016

2016 Bodypower - Was Awesome!!!

Bodypower Day finally arrived........ It was such a good day! My feet were killing afterwards..... and after checking on my Fitbit i did over 7500 steps whilst i was there, so that was a winner (should have done a few more laps to reach 10K) After stood up waiting and walking around, my feet were hurting a lot..... but i loved the day, so good to see so many people and fitness brands, after coming out you feel so hype and motivated, if i wasn't so tired afterwards i think i would have gone in the gym. But as soon as we got home, we had something to eat and soon as i put my head on the pillow i was gone ha.......

I didn't get a chance last year to meet Lainey with GymShark, the queues were so big so i said this year i had to meet her, she is such a lovely person, i love watching her cooking ideas, i've watched her since she was on Lex's YouTube. So down to earth and a beautiful lady. I would love to have the chance to train with her!

I was soon happy to actually meet Heidi Somers, she is such an inspirational women, she motivates so many people and i love that about her. I have watched her videos for a few years and i try to attempt her workouts, then when she say's for a warm up start with 100 squats !! Man, after that i was done with the workout but i do push myself. But i was so happy to actually meet her and had a chance to speak with her.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

BodyPower - Ready for tomorrow

It has finally come to that time of year again! Bodypower is back tomorrow!

Reminisce of last year’s Bodypower, it was our first year so we didn’t know what to expect, it was pretty much a new experience for us. This year we have prepped – well sort of! I have tried my hardest (with a big plate of stress on the side) with my own 6 week meal plan and keeping the fitness up.  I have to say it wasn’t easy at all, I think when other things distract you or having a really bad week at work. I was gutted that I wasn’t as strict as I could have been with myself. But I am thinking of continuing the progress as I have a holiday in a month and I would like to be ready for that! Next challenge Bikini Ready Prep….. Feels so much better when you can name it ha!

Saturday will be my last day of this April EXTENDED Fitness long month…… this will be my day of final photos, to see the progression, I am happy that there has been little progress, people have notices a difference which is really good! And I have noticed from my week 1 photo.

I am excited to see what is there this year as I have been checking Twitter and Instagram for info. There is more American brands that are coming this year, I would like to see what Alphalete and Live Fit bring, it's just such a motivating atmosphere, I enjoyed it so much last year and i can't wait for tomorrow....

I have added some of the photos from last year...

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Favourite workout routine for March!!!

At this moment in time i am currently drinking a big pot of peppermint tea whilst cooking my chicken for the next few days.... Multi-task - i can do sometimes..... only sometimes

So as a favourites post i have chosen favourite workout for March!!

***Drum roll***

And for March i have gone with Shoulders!

Shoulders is one i have only recently started enjoying, it’s always been leg days for me but i think i overdo it on leg day and i knacker my knee, so i like to mix it up with shoulders.
I always like start my workout with a Spotify playlist on loud to start the warm up....

I start with external rotation cuff using a resistant loop bands, I hook the band to one of the bikes handle, having my arm down, elbow close to my waist/hip and moving my arm outwards - 2x10

Then i go in with a shoulder press up with 2.5kg weights for a set and then for 3 sets i use 5kg dumbbells.

Shoulder raises - front raise superset with side raise, i like to use 2.5kg weights and then use 5kg weights after each set I try to go back with the 2.5kg to feel the burn!

Arnie Press – I feel this is a good one but it burns straight away! I usually try these till failure. Using 5kg dumbbells, start close to your upper chest with arms down and palms facing towards you. Push your arms upwards into a shoulder press, turning your hands before you get to the top.

Face pulls – I use the multi gym but I also like to use a resistant band, pulling the cable/band towards your face with you elbows outwards.

With adding shoulder in to my weekly workout routine, I have seen a difference within my arms and shoulders. As it is still cold-ish here in the UK I am wearing a hoodie for when I work out, some of these movements, I feel so much of a burn and I am like ‘ I must have some definition going on…….’ nope not quite yet although…..  I have started to feel it a lot more lately, hoping on my weekly progress pictures that it will be noticeable …

We shall see…