Sunday, 17 April 2016

Motivation for the Gym! My April Fitness Challenge

I am one of those people that look at other woman's bikini photo and be like WHY don't i look like them!!! But sometime you need to stop looking at other peoples photos and focus on your own! If i look back on my own photos i can see how far i have come it does give me more motivation to look better and feel confident.

This is the photo that made me think i needed to do something about my weight. I was so under weight mainly because i was a picky eater and also i was one of those kids where i would rather play out than eat. Which thinking that now is totally strange as i always eat! 

I started with the protein shakes and eating a lot more carbs and started working out in the gym.
These two photos make me laugh every time! I can actually say i had no ass and no thighs. the first photo roughly was 2010 and the other one is 2015, when i looked into gaining weight i didn't want to gain it really fast, so it was good to see the progression within the years.

I looked into this one recently, the first one is 2015 and the other is this year. I got to the weight that i was happy with and now this year is more focusing becoming lean and more muscle. Also with booking a family holiday it was more motivation to buy a bikini and feel comfortable wearing it! We have taken meal prep serious this year and i feel better for it and also I'm not spending a lot of money at work buying meals.

This last week i had lost a bit of motivation with things not going so well at work it has been really hard coming home in a positive mood and been able to train, i know people say that's when you have your best workouts but i physically couldn't push myself to train, i was mentally drained and coming home upset, gym just wasn't on my mind. It came to Friday and i slept for 12 hours from how exhausted i was. I always feel better on a weekend as i don't have work on my mind.

Working out last week didn't go down so week BUT it's a start of a new week and I'm going in with a clear mind. This is still my April Fitness month so i am going to give it all i have the last two weeks. Both me and my other half have done progress pictures every Saturday morning so it would be cool to see how i have come along in the 5 weeks...