Sunday, 10 April 2016

Friday night gym night! Chest and Arms

For other people Friday night is usually party night.... Not for this one..... This is my kind of party. Gym night...
From my plan for April, i had noted Chest and Arms for Fridays, which for me is an easy one and wouldn't take too long. Chest is not one i usually work on but i thought it would be good to challenge myself and try something different.

Also we finally made a purchase with Alphalete and within a week it arrived to the UK! Which soon as it arrives you just have to wear it! ( or at least i have to!!)

Bench press (i did 5 sets x 8-10, started with just the bar and then for the next 4 sets i added 2.5kg to each side) - as it something i don't work, i wanted to concentrate with little weight but making sure it was correct form.
Dumbbell press 4sets x 8-10 5kg dumbbells 
Dumbbell flys 4 sets x 8 2.5kg weights

As it goes on through a few more weeks i will add more movements for the chest but for now i only did 3 movements

Bicep curl 5sets x 8-10 started with 5kg dumbbells, worked my way up to 8kg and then for the last set dropped back to 5kg
Hammer curl 5 sets x 8-10
Skii (with resistant band) (i wrapped the resistant band around the squat rack so it didn't move, just lower than waist height, squatted a little and pushed arms back. Kept triceps close to the body just like the triceps kickbacks)

And finishing of with Abs; ( i try and add these when i can, 3 sets till failure)
Hip lifts (i like to hold on to the bar for balance)
Leg raises

I am no PT but i thought as this is my fitness month i would share with you what my month is looking.

I am no PT but i thought as this is my fitness month i would share with you what my month is looking.

Alphalete Heather Zip Up Jacket;

VS PINK sports bra

Nike Free 5.0