Monday, 4 April 2016

Fitness - MyProtein Delivery!!


I ordered this on Saturday night thinking would arrive in the middle of the week and it arrive Monday afternoon........ on standard delivery.... i mean come on. It doesn't get better than that!

This time it was only a little restock as i was only running low of my vitamins. I usually buy clothes on every order but not this time! I don't know how i managed i forced myself so much to not buy any more bloody clothes!! 

I've had a break with taking protein shakes for a couple of months but now i am on the APRIL FITNESS....MISSION...... HYPE?? (motivation for myself mainly ha!!) i am easing myself to drinking them again. Sometimes they are not the easiest things to drink also when you have a full stomach and to force one is even worse. But when planning my days/meals i noticed in the cupboard that i already had half a bag of whey protein.... Winning. And i had one last night and it wasn't as bad as i thought but i did get a good flavour (Chocolate Carmel) also with MyProtein.

I like to get a few samples of the protein shakes to mix things up and for when I'm out and about, they are so much easier to pack. Sometimes when getting into a routine of having the same one every night you are having to force it down and there is nothing worse than forcing a protein shake.

A few years ago i started to drink them as i was under weight, not anorexic because i ate food all the time (obviously the wrong foods), with it been a weight gainer it wasn't the best thing to drink! Half milk half water, every night roughly for about two years. But i wouldn't change that because i feel a lot better with my weight than i used to be.


Going back on to MyProtein, it has always been a brand that i have bought from. I try other products but i seem to go back to these guys! They always have an offers on or something free with delivery which makes it a bonus! Would hands down recommend!