Friday, 29 April 2016

One Bad Week - Pick self back up - 2 Wks till BodyPower!!

Isn’t it just typical that coming to my last week of April Fitness month that i go super down hill!! 
I couldn’t believe how well i was doing and then to have a few bad days at work and a overnight spa break eating snacks for a full day!!

And on top of that i felt so crap i didn't have chance to meal prep for rest of the week! I bought a load of meat from the butchers but its in the freezer so i need to get myself to remember to get the meat out the day before, my memory is just going down hill at the moment ha!

Absolutely gutted…… BUT BodyPower is in two weeks so why not extend my fitness hype and use BodyPower as my goal!

So when i was thinking of the fitness Expo i headed straight for the treadmill, i now need to shed some of the wobbly bits and show some definition. in these next two weeks i will introduce more cardio into my workout plans and carry on with my NIKE training, as i'm not at the gym every night i love to use the NIKE training app on my phone. It opens a lot more variety of workouts, i love trying yoga, even though i am not very good at it, i am enjoy attempting the stretches. At one point i was the person that couldn't touch her toes!!! They have a 6 minute Yoga stretch, i like to use this after upbeat workout to cool down and stretch.

The new GYMSHARK leggings came out the last week and i wanted these so much. I went for navy for a change and i love them! they are so comfy and i love the fact that they are high waister, there is not many brands in the UK that designed high waister leggings, (or not that i've seen any way) but they are comfy than i thought!
This quote sums me up right here! Ha, i bought these leggings which made me feel a lot better.

I have done weekly progression photos to see how i look over the weeks, i can not wait to see what my first week looked like to what i look like in the next two weeks.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Fitbit Challenge!!

So my other half surprised me with a Fitbit last week after wanting one for a while!

I thought my step count was pretty average with using the count on my iPhone, I was so wrong when I started wearing the Fitbit….. All I could think was crap I need to up my game here! I am at a desk for 5 days out of the week and most days I will be glued to that desk and won’t move for most of the day, then looking in the evening time and realizing I’ve only done 1863 step!!! Oops.

At the weekend I was challenged with the WEEKEND WARRIOR…. Let’s put it this way I was last. I had a huge headache on the Saturday morning, by time I got up it was dinner time… totally wasted my morning and yesterday I was taking photos for most of the day so didn’t move then! I had this great idea that I would go on the treadmill to try an beat them, but it was at least another 10k step to beat (in my head….. that sounded a lot less than it actually was) I gave in on 4k steps. I’m not a runner…. I hardly ever do cardio, which yesterday I almost keeled over with the shock of running!!! . I wanted to win this challenge but I will be classing this as my warm up…… next game is on!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Motivation for the Gym! My April Fitness Challenge

I am one of those people that look at other woman's bikini photo and be like WHY don't i look like them!!! But sometime you need to stop looking at other peoples photos and focus on your own! If i look back on my own photos i can see how far i have come it does give me more motivation to look better and feel confident.

This is the photo that made me think i needed to do something about my weight. I was so under weight mainly because i was a picky eater and also i was one of those kids where i would rather play out than eat. Which thinking that now is totally strange as i always eat! 

I started with the protein shakes and eating a lot more carbs and started working out in the gym.
These two photos make me laugh every time! I can actually say i had no ass and no thighs. the first photo roughly was 2010 and the other one is 2015, when i looked into gaining weight i didn't want to gain it really fast, so it was good to see the progression within the years.

I looked into this one recently, the first one is 2015 and the other is this year. I got to the weight that i was happy with and now this year is more focusing becoming lean and more muscle. Also with booking a family holiday it was more motivation to buy a bikini and feel comfortable wearing it! We have taken meal prep serious this year and i feel better for it and also I'm not spending a lot of money at work buying meals.

This last week i had lost a bit of motivation with things not going so well at work it has been really hard coming home in a positive mood and been able to train, i know people say that's when you have your best workouts but i physically couldn't push myself to train, i was mentally drained and coming home upset, gym just wasn't on my mind. It came to Friday and i slept for 12 hours from how exhausted i was. I always feel better on a weekend as i don't have work on my mind.

Working out last week didn't go down so week BUT it's a start of a new week and I'm going in with a clear mind. This is still my April Fitness month so i am going to give it all i have the last two weeks. Both me and my other half have done progress pictures every Saturday morning so it would be cool to see how i have come along in the 5 weeks...

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Friday night gym night! Chest and Arms

For other people Friday night is usually party night.... Not for this one..... This is my kind of party. Gym night...
From my plan for April, i had noted Chest and Arms for Fridays, which for me is an easy one and wouldn't take too long. Chest is not one i usually work on but i thought it would be good to challenge myself and try something different.

Also we finally made a purchase with Alphalete and within a week it arrived to the UK! Which soon as it arrives you just have to wear it! ( or at least i have to!!)

Bench press (i did 5 sets x 8-10, started with just the bar and then for the next 4 sets i added 2.5kg to each side) - as it something i don't work, i wanted to concentrate with little weight but making sure it was correct form.
Dumbbell press 4sets x 8-10 5kg dumbbells 
Dumbbell flys 4 sets x 8 2.5kg weights

As it goes on through a few more weeks i will add more movements for the chest but for now i only did 3 movements

Bicep curl 5sets x 8-10 started with 5kg dumbbells, worked my way up to 8kg and then for the last set dropped back to 5kg
Hammer curl 5 sets x 8-10
Skii (with resistant band) (i wrapped the resistant band around the squat rack so it didn't move, just lower than waist height, squatted a little and pushed arms back. Kept triceps close to the body just like the triceps kickbacks)

And finishing of with Abs; ( i try and add these when i can, 3 sets till failure)
Hip lifts (i like to hold on to the bar for balance)
Leg raises

I am no PT but i thought as this is my fitness month i would share with you what my month is looking.

I am no PT but i thought as this is my fitness month i would share with you what my month is looking.

Alphalete Heather Zip Up Jacket;

VS PINK sports bra

Nike Free 5.0

Monday, 4 April 2016

Fitness - MyProtein Delivery!!


I ordered this on Saturday night thinking would arrive in the middle of the week and it arrive Monday afternoon........ on standard delivery.... i mean come on. It doesn't get better than that!

This time it was only a little restock as i was only running low of my vitamins. I usually buy clothes on every order but not this time! I don't know how i managed i forced myself so much to not buy any more bloody clothes!! 

I've had a break with taking protein shakes for a couple of months but now i am on the APRIL FITNESS....MISSION...... HYPE?? (motivation for myself mainly ha!!) i am easing myself to drinking them again. Sometimes they are not the easiest things to drink also when you have a full stomach and to force one is even worse. But when planning my days/meals i noticed in the cupboard that i already had half a bag of whey protein.... Winning. And i had one last night and it wasn't as bad as i thought but i did get a good flavour (Chocolate Carmel) also with MyProtein.

I like to get a few samples of the protein shakes to mix things up and for when I'm out and about, they are so much easier to pack. Sometimes when getting into a routine of having the same one every night you are having to force it down and there is nothing worse than forcing a protein shake.

A few years ago i started to drink them as i was under weight, not anorexic because i ate food all the time (obviously the wrong foods), with it been a weight gainer it wasn't the best thing to drink! Half milk half water, every night roughly for about two years. But i wouldn't change that because i feel a lot better with my weight than i used to be.


Going back on to MyProtein, it has always been a brand that i have bought from. I try other products but i seem to go back to these guys! They always have an offers on or something free with delivery which makes it a bonus! Would hands down recommend!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Photography 5 - What A Gloomy Day!

Easter weekend and what better thing to do than to go out on a walk on the long weekend :)

Apart from the weather!!! Windy, raining, just a gloomy day!

We decided to go to Pugney's in Wakefield. It is close to home and it is a lovely way to get you out of the house. Talking about YouYuber's and fitness and over all life! 

Both been big YouTube fans, it’s pretty much taken over our lives. We watch it more than regular TV and with BodyPower coming up it was about planning meals and gym routines Ha...... all this in a 2 miles walk. It sounds a bit like when you're drunk and you talk about life changing!

Anyway, these are the photos I took on the walk round. It wasn’t so much a nice day but the photos turned out good J