Monday, 14 March 2016

Monthly Beauty Favs! - March 2016

So I am currently bed bound feeling very ill and and sorry for myself.... what better to cheer me up than look at what my favs are for this month!

This is my first favourites blog, I love reading these as it gives me ideas to try something new that somebody else loves!

It has only been recently that I am looking after my skin more, as I have oily skin, I always thought if I put moisturisers or cleansers on it would make my skin worse so I never use to put anything on. It was only until I started to get dry patches. With trying products over the years one I have recently founds the Nip + Fab Deep Cleansing Fix, I love this product. I always used make up remover wipes but with using this product, it makes my skin so smooth.
I have been using this product as a make up remover, it literally melts the make up off your face and makes your face feel fresh.
NipFab Deep Cleansing Fix

Loreall Infallible Matte Foundation 
This foundation is so lightweight, because I am so use to full coverage been heavy and very thick but this foundation is medium to full coverage but very lightweight. I did have a love hate relationship with this foundation, I kept getting spots when wearing it so I had a break with it, ha sounds like a couple! We were on a break!! (Friends Quote :-) ) I tried the foundation again but used a different brush and it worked so much better. At the moment I am using the real techniques face brush.
Real Techniques Face Brush
Loreal Infallible Matte Foundation Natural-Rose

I am one of these people that struggles to find a scent i love, but after walking through the whole of Debenhams and falling in love with this scent Jimmy Choo Illicit. This has to be one of my favs!
Jimmy Choo Illicit

I finally found this hair mousse in my local superdrug and I love it, when I dry my hair its still soft but yet has volume to style. My hair is so flat and has nothing to it at all, I have to backcomb my hair on a daily basis for volume, with this mousse it just give it a little more puff to my roots when styling. Usually when looking for a mousse I tend to look at ones that make my hair stiff and dry but when trying this one, my hair was still really soft which i really liked about this product.
Loreal Paris Studio Pro Boost It Volume Mousse

Thank you!