Sunday, 27 March 2016

Looking back on Photos & Getting out to see the world!!!

Looking back on photos i have taken is one of my favourite things to do, it shows how well you become over the years. I bought my Fuji Camera last year and i love it. It's one of those things where i wish i went to do photography at a university BUT ..... woulda, shoulda, coulda...... as my mum would say, what is stopping you from learning now?? Whats stopping you from getting experience now?

Last year i did an online photography course and i figured out how to use my camera without just using the standard setting!! It made me realise how much i loved going out and taking photos.

This was back in Autumn but i love how green the trees are but still leaves on the floor. It must of been the start as it started to feel cooler..... not much cooler as it is always cold here in the UK!

This year my mission is to go to more places, take more photos and enjoy life. These past few weeks i have been soon cupped up with stressing about work, now i just want to enjoy life and see where the roads take me! Sometimes i just don't realise how much there is to see out there when i'm driving 10 miles to work and back. I think i have chosen my New Years resolution a little late!!!

I have to be realist with myself... I'm not going to be traveling the world within a year, maybe this something i could complete in 10 years whilst working. But i need to give myself that push to start going somewhere! 

My dream..... i would love to see the world, i would love to be able to blog full time and be able to show how much passion i have to show as my job. I keep motivation myself and saying one day, give it time....

This pretty much sums me up right now..... Ha.