Sunday, 6 March 2016

10 Wk Count Down Till BodyPower! My Leg Workout

It doesn't seem two minutes since I was waiting in line to meet Nikki Blacketter at the Gymshark stand but it feels like it has come around fast! I know there is a few weeks still to go but I feel a gym routine coming ready for the show.

I waited in line just to meet Nikki last year and when I actually met her all I could say was I have been in line for 3 hours to meet you and i have no questions! Well didn't I feel embarrassed when I was there ha! But I was happy to say I had met her. I have watched her videos YouTube videos for a very long time, I just think she has been that one person that has pushed me to go to the gym and has me more motivated.

I have to say BodyPower is one of the places you need to at least go once in your life just to at least have the experience, that atmosphere in there is completely different everyone has the same energy and drive for fitness, you go into your gyms and you can see people around hate been there but when you go to BodyPower its totally different.

I am no PT but I have made my own work out routines and thought I would share them with you as well. I have taught myself through YouTube! Some good one that I watch are people like:

Also I have recently started watching Jen Heward, i love how high spirited she is - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEZFthvYvvd5giJmYrvfa6g

My Workout
Leg/Glute Workout
-  Warm up – 50 Air Squats
-  With resistant band - Donkey kicks backs (3x10) - Super-set with Side Kicks (3x10)
Improvise - with us having a small gym i have been using resistant band with the straps around my calves and wrapped around the bottom of the treadmill and held on to the handle for support.
- Backward Lunges with 5kg dumbbells (3x8-10 each leg)
- Weighted squats with Olympic bar (5x till failure -increase the weight then drop the weight)
- Straight leg deadlifts with dumbbells (3x 8-10)
- Sumo Squat with Dumbbell (3-8)
- Jumping Squats with Stepper (until failure)

Legday has to be my favourite workouts, I don't know what it is maybe its a woman thing! HA. I mainly have my leg sessions on a Sunday, well I always regret this when it comes to Monday morning, I work in an office and having to walk up three flights of stairs is not fun! Not at all. I actually think its worst going downstairs and getting into the car! No Pain No Gain....