Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Our own gym!!

FINALLY!! Finally we have our own gym!

We have been going to the gym for a few years now and we was getting fed up with paying £50 a month when equipment was broken or you was waiting forever for weights and I caught some guys giving it a good scratch and then picking up the weights after!! (Why? Just Why?) Haha

So luckily we had family help out with this, we fixed it all up and had it decorated and bought all the equipment.
We have a Squat Rack that can be used as a Bench with an Olympic Bar, Dumbbells, Multi Gym and Cardio Equipment :)

I am excited to say we actually have our own gym!

We are currently getting into a routine of going on set days and getting use to having a set meal plan, I am the worst person for meal plans/routines because I am such a picky eater!!! This will be one of my targets this year to look into a proper meal plan that I can create for myself and get use to.

But been able to squat and guys not staring (you guys make it so obvious!!!) feels so good and I can focus better on lifting! I did use to love the gym environment but my gym became one of those where the woman shouldn't be in the weights otherwise everyone has to stare at you! But now I can train how I want.

I have a book from Logitorloseit and its absolutely brilliant to log all my workouts. Its laid out in grid so its easy to write in.

So watch this space! Bikini body here I come!!!!!