Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Holiday Wishlist! Boohoo, Farfetch, ASOS & More!

I love looking into other peoples wish lists and what they've bought, it gives me ideas on what I want to buy (the wage slip doesn't match my purchases most of the time!!) I am a nightmare when it comes to shopping so when I do fine something I like, I do have to buy it, which is where my wardrobe is full of plain t-shirts and gym wear! It's been a few years since I went on holiday so I am really excited to buy summer clothes!

Ray Bans


So i know 'm not off till later in the year but I thought why not start holiday shopping!! I recently found this site(http://www.farfetch.com/uk/shopping/women/sunglasses-1/items.aspx) and  and they have some amazing stuff on there but they have some lovely sunglasses. Check it out their website!
I have a soft spot for Ray Bans I just love the way they look! I already have a pair but it’s like shoes; you have to have more than one pair ;-)
I found these two pairs that I absolutely love and I have added them to my wish list!
I like the look of all blacked out, I think it just goes well with my hair colour, I am on the lookout for some mirrored lens but these have to be my hands down favourite at the moment on the site.

Check this site out for tips with purchasing sunglasses;
Adidas originals superstar

When I was younger I use to own a pair of Stan Smiths and I wore them to death! Now they've sort of come back in fashion and I would happier go back to my teenage times and buy another pair! I am constantly wearing my converse so I would love to go back to a pair of Adidas. I always seem to pick comfort before fashion. I love wear heels and i have a wardrobe full of them but it's not that often that i wear them.

As for the clothing items, this year there is a few things on my list that I have seen on Boohoo and ASOS that I will be purchasing soon, I love looking for holiday clothes it just makes me feel excited for the actual holiday. With only going for a week I wanted to try and pack lightly but that will never happen!! 

Maxi dress
Culotte Jumpsuit