Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Has The Daith Piercing Worked For My Headaches?

I have suffered with headaches/migraines for at least 5 years and i finally had the Daith Piercing and I wanted to note it down as how I felt from having it done from start to a few days later...

Saturday 13th February,

I woke up with a banding headache, this is something that happens to me on a regular basis, were I just cant physically get out of bed. I literally waste one day out of my weekend as I am in bed all day! He likes this as he can play PlayStation all day without me complaining! Today was the day that I was fed up of this and just went for it. I one of these people that has to over think everything and talk myself out of it!

When having it done it wasn't the most pleasant things that I have gone through. He had to push the needle with so much force but it was the crunching noise and a popping noise that bothered me more. I felt sick from it. I not going to lie and say I felt nothing because it was painful but I not good with pain (but saying this, I had sat through four hours for a tattoo!) After having it done, I feel good, I don't know if its the fact that I am more focused on the pain from the ear and don't feel the headache. But we shall see in a few days...

Tuesday 16th Feb;
A few days into it and I haven't had a headache yet! I have to wear glasses but I haven't been wearing them, usually when I don't I have a headache with working on the computer all day. there is little things that I have noticed that it has helped like with the head rushes when standing up. I haven't had a headache yet. ..

I think the day that should get a headache would be on a on my day off as I sleep in and that always gives me a headache!

19th Feb
Day off for me and slept till 10am! And I felt fine surprisingly. The day before I felt like I should of had a headache because I hadn't been wearing my glasses for a while. After wearing them for a few hours i felt fine, didn't need to take paracetamol.

After a week I would say if you suffer like headaches/migraines like I do then I would recommend having it done. It obviously hurts when you have it done but for not to suffer headaches every other day I think it's brilliant.

And if not for the headaches the piercing looks good anyway :)