Sunday, 7 February 2016

Addicted to buying GYM WEAR

What is the obsession with Gym Clothes?!

LOVE gym clothes

I already know I have a shopping addiction but I feel I need another wardrobe just for workout wear!!
I feel so comfortable when I have them on, half of the time I am wearing my gym stuff and pretty much lounging about! I think as well you can feel confident 
I feel consistency is key when it comes to fitness and diet and trying to push yourself to the gym, so sometimes you just need a pick me up and gym clothes are the best thing to push you into something you already enjoy.When I buy new gym clothes it makes me look forward to actually training and feel comfortable whilst training!

I have bought other brands but some of them do not reach to number one but the brand that is right at the top has to be Gymshark (https://www.gymshark.com) i have loved everything that they have brought out, my recent purchase is the Gymshark Signal Hoodie in Grey, it is the most comfiest thing I have ever worn! While it is winter at the moment I am constantly wearing this for my warm up.

My next target is Alphalete! I have so much love for Nikki and Christian and last year at body power was the first time we got to meet them! we waited in line for like 3 hours and it felt so strange to see them face to face but these are the people that push me to do what I want to do and what I enjoy!

Also you have to take a lot of selfies with them!!!