Saturday, 27 February 2016

Outfit of the day - February

Finally the weekend! And for my casual Saturday I teamed up my favourite leather jacket with a black jumper..... after all it is still blooming freezing over here in the UK. 
Before we went on our travels I thought I would snap my look :) as you can see by my outfit I love wearing black, its the main colour in my wardrobe! 

These ankle boots have to be the best pair I have bought, I feel I have worn them to death! Ha . I wear these pretty much every day for work as they as casual business and they are also really comfortable!

Leather Jacket - ZARA
Jumper - Primark
Jeans - New Look
Boots - Boohoo

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Has The Daith Piercing Worked For My Headaches?

I have suffered with headaches/migraines for at least 5 years and i finally had the Daith Piercing and I wanted to note it down as how I felt from having it done from start to a few days later...

Saturday 13th February,

I woke up with a banding headache, this is something that happens to me on a regular basis, were I just cant physically get out of bed. I literally waste one day out of my weekend as I am in bed all day! He likes this as he can play PlayStation all day without me complaining! Today was the day that I was fed up of this and just went for it. I one of these people that has to over think everything and talk myself out of it!

When having it done it wasn't the most pleasant things that I have gone through. He had to push the needle with so much force but it was the crunching noise and a popping noise that bothered me more. I felt sick from it. I not going to lie and say I felt nothing because it was painful but I not good with pain (but saying this, I had sat through four hours for a tattoo!) After having it done, I feel good, I don't know if its the fact that I am more focused on the pain from the ear and don't feel the headache. But we shall see in a few days...

Tuesday 16th Feb;
A few days into it and I haven't had a headache yet! I have to wear glasses but I haven't been wearing them, usually when I don't I have a headache with working on the computer all day. there is little things that I have noticed that it has helped like with the head rushes when standing up. I haven't had a headache yet. ..

I think the day that should get a headache would be on a on my day off as I sleep in and that always gives me a headache!

19th Feb
Day off for me and slept till 10am! And I felt fine surprisingly. The day before I felt like I should of had a headache because I hadn't been wearing my glasses for a while. After wearing them for a few hours i felt fine, didn't need to take paracetamol.

After a week I would say if you suffer like headaches/migraines like I do then I would recommend having it done. It obviously hurts when you have it done but for not to suffer headaches every other day I think it's brilliant.

And if not for the headaches the piercing looks good anyway :)

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Work LookBook - Feb

When it comes to Work Wear, I am all for things that are comfortable, as I work in an office I think that I have to sit in something all day, if I don’t feel comfortable within the first 5 minutes I don’t wear the outfit or I will swap the top for an over-sized one! I try and buy outfits that wont go out of fashion within a month, most of my clothing I would say is plain but items that you can dress up with a scarf or statement jewellery or with different jackets.

I have created two simple looks that I wear for the office;

Shirt - H&M
Trousers - New Look
Waistcoat - Warehouse
Necklace - New Look
Black Court Heels - Dorothy Perkins

Top - Primark
Trousers - New Look
Ankle Boots - Debenhams
Scarf - H&M

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Our own gym!!

FINALLY!! Finally we have our own gym!

We have been going to the gym for a few years now and we was getting fed up with paying £50 a month when equipment was broken or you was waiting forever for weights and I caught some guys giving it a good scratch and then picking up the weights after!! (Why? Just Why?) Haha

So luckily we had family help out with this, we fixed it all up and had it decorated and bought all the equipment.
We have a Squat Rack that can be used as a Bench with an Olympic Bar, Dumbbells, Multi Gym and Cardio Equipment :)

I am excited to say we actually have our own gym!

We are currently getting into a routine of going on set days and getting use to having a set meal plan, I am the worst person for meal plans/routines because I am such a picky eater!!! This will be one of my targets this year to look into a proper meal plan that I can create for myself and get use to.

But been able to squat and guys not staring (you guys make it so obvious!!!) feels so good and I can focus better on lifting! I did use to love the gym environment but my gym became one of those where the woman shouldn't be in the weights otherwise everyone has to stare at you! But now I can train how I want.

I have a book from Logitorloseit and its absolutely brilliant to log all my workouts. Its laid out in grid so its easy to write in.

So watch this space! Bikini body here I come!!!!!


Saturday, 13 February 2016

Photography 4 - Skipton, Birthday

For my birthday we stay over in a gorgeous hotel that looked upon a lake, so peaceful and you could literally look at the view and forget everything!

To say this was back in September it was so bright with blue sky's. times like this I just felt so relaxed. With living in the city it was nice to be in the middle of no where, there was no traffic, no buses tooting their horns! I was so chuffed with the photos I took, I did a photography course last year some thing i always wanted to do, I've always enjoyed taking photos and looking at other to see what they've taken, what camera they use and it made me realise how much I enjoy been out in the open and taking different kinds of pictures.

I mean come on, look how beautiful it looks :)

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Holiday Wishlist! Boohoo, Farfetch, ASOS & More!

I love looking into other peoples wish lists and what they've bought, it gives me ideas on what I want to buy (the wage slip doesn't match my purchases most of the time!!) I am a nightmare when it comes to shopping so when I do fine something I like, I do have to buy it, which is where my wardrobe is full of plain t-shirts and gym wear! It's been a few years since I went on holiday so I am really excited to buy summer clothes!

Ray Bans


So i know 'm not off till later in the year but I thought why not start holiday shopping!! I recently found this site(http://www.farfetch.com/uk/shopping/women/sunglasses-1/items.aspx) and  and they have some amazing stuff on there but they have some lovely sunglasses. Check it out their website!
I have a soft spot for Ray Bans I just love the way they look! I already have a pair but it’s like shoes; you have to have more than one pair ;-)
I found these two pairs that I absolutely love and I have added them to my wish list!
I like the look of all blacked out, I think it just goes well with my hair colour, I am on the lookout for some mirrored lens but these have to be my hands down favourite at the moment on the site.

Check this site out for tips with purchasing sunglasses;
Adidas originals superstar

When I was younger I use to own a pair of Stan Smiths and I wore them to death! Now they've sort of come back in fashion and I would happier go back to my teenage times and buy another pair! I am constantly wearing my converse so I would love to go back to a pair of Adidas. I always seem to pick comfort before fashion. I love wear heels and i have a wardrobe full of them but it's not that often that i wear them.

As for the clothing items, this year there is a few things on my list that I have seen on Boohoo and ASOS that I will be purchasing soon, I love looking for holiday clothes it just makes me feel excited for the actual holiday. With only going for a week I wanted to try and pack lightly but that will never happen!! 

Maxi dress
Culotte Jumpsuit

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Addicted to buying GYM WEAR

What is the obsession with Gym Clothes?!

LOVE gym clothes

I already know I have a shopping addiction but I feel I need another wardrobe just for workout wear!!
I feel so comfortable when I have them on, half of the time I am wearing my gym stuff and pretty much lounging about! I think as well you can feel confident 
I feel consistency is key when it comes to fitness and diet and trying to push yourself to the gym, so sometimes you just need a pick me up and gym clothes are the best thing to push you into something you already enjoy.When I buy new gym clothes it makes me look forward to actually training and feel comfortable whilst training!

I have bought other brands but some of them do not reach to number one but the brand that is right at the top has to be Gymshark (https://www.gymshark.com) i have loved everything that they have brought out, my recent purchase is the Gymshark Signal Hoodie in Grey, it is the most comfiest thing I have ever worn! While it is winter at the moment I am constantly wearing this for my warm up.

My next target is Alphalete! I have so much love for Nikki and Christian and last year at body power was the first time we got to meet them! we waited in line for like 3 hours and it felt so strange to see them face to face but these are the people that push me to do what I want to do and what I enjoy!

Also you have to take a lot of selfies with them!!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Photography 3 - Sunset

I absolutely love this picture, this is at my family's caravan

The caravan are located around this big lake and just been able to see this sunset is beautiful. I posted this on Instagram (Hannahc1011) and said the duck completes this picture! Ha

Monday, 1 February 2016

Photography 2 - Two Passions of mine - Cars & Photography

Photos like this make me smile, I love seeing photos of cars and I have to say a favourite of mine has to be Volkswagens hands down!

We regularly go to VW shows and my albums on my laptop will be full of shows.

On this particular sunny day, we met up with one of our friends and had a drive whilst I was literally hanging out of the car with the camera!!

As been a beginner we did go up and down a few times on the duel carriage ways but when looking at the photos on the laptop, I have never been more happy.